Sometimes there are great dogs looking for forever homes through no fault of
their own.
Occasionally we will have a dog available that has lived with us
for a period of time as a foster, where we have time to get to know the quirks of
the dog and even work with them to teach them some manners that will help
them thrive in their new home. Please feel free to contact us if you might be
interested in adopting an available foster dog. We also have a wonderful network
of breeders with retired show dogs and rescue groups to help you find that
perfect family member, so please email if you are in search of something
If you have a basenji that you are in need of placing in rescue or as a
foster, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.
Meet Diamond ~

Update: Diamond has decided we are
her home. If ever the perfect situation
arises for her to relocate, we might
consider it, but she's here to stay for as
long as she'd like!

Her Story:
Diamond is a 9 year old purebred,
spayed basenji girl with a happy,
forever home. She LOVES all people
but would do best as the only pet.  
Diamond loves to chew her rawhide
bones and be loved and pet. She will
nudge your hand with her head or paw
if she feels you aren't giving her enough
attention, and is guaranteed to make
you laugh and smile every day as she
tosses her toys and bones in the air.
Diamond is crate trained and rides well
in the car in her crate and will greet you
with a big baroo when you come home.
Walking on a leash is another story, but
she's working on it!
While Diamond has befriended a few of
our Basenjis, she will not be placed in a
home with other pets as her prey drive
is huge. An experienced Basenji home
is a must with this girl!
Rescue Basenjis & Fosters
Foster Dog Adoption Guidelines:

 You will be asked to fill out a detailed application asking   
about your home, other pets, household members, etc.

 You can expect a home visit by an adoption coordinator to
get a feel if the dog you are interested in is a good fit.

 Adoption fees vary from dog to dog and rescue agency, but
typically run in the $200 - $400 range to cover any medical
care and expenses.

 A contract is standard nowadays, stating that if you cannot
keep the dog for any reason whatsoever, it returns to the
person you adopted it from. Don't ever be embarrassed to
return a dog if it doesn't work out for you. We are always
looking out for the best interest of the dog and just want
them to be safe and never end up in a shelter.

 Remember, adult dogs make wonderful companions! Most
are already housetrained and have basic obedience skills.
Meet Deuce ~
Deuce came to us as a
foster boy looking for his
new forever home after
having already had a few
homes in his young life.
Who knew that we were
meant to be that home?
Deuce now has a PAL
number with AKC and has
participated in Lure
Coursing events.
While this brindle boy is
full of boundless energy
(I swear he's part reindeer
the way he leaps and
bounds!) his sweet,
innocent personality
definitely won us over and
he's here to stay..
Zzzzzzzzz ~

Any respectable
basenji knows a
good nap in the
sun is part of the
daily routine!
Diamond enjoys her chews!
Jeb was an elderly gentleman that
came to us when his mom and her

had respiratory issues that needed
addressed, and we could help. Petra
took to Jeb immediately and became
his instant friend. The two still nap
together and are best buds.
Jebby quickly became a one woman
dog and has become Jennifer's
constant shadow around the house,
likely due to the care taken to restore
his health when he arrived.
Jebby Bean (as he is lovingly
nicknamed) still requires daily medical
monitoring and will have issues for the
rest of his life that are controlled with
daily pills. Luckily Jeb is easy to give
meds as he is a huge pig and gobbles
up anything that hits the floor in a nano
second! Jebby isn't going anywhere
and will spend his golden years with us.

Update: Jebby was helped across the
Rainbow Bridge after battling a
vestibular disorder in his last months
with us. He enjoyed over a year with his
new pack.
Cuddle Buddies ~
Jeb and Petra napping
Welcome to Bantu Basenjis!