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Petra x Hunter ~  2012 Litter
"Petra" ~ mBISS SBOS GCHB DC Bantu's Playing Rochambeau SC,mAOM
"Hunter" ~ BISS DC C-Quest's Jokuba Hide and Sneak SC, CGC
Maestro will have further
health tests as needed
DOB - 10/15/12

Fanconi - Clear
PRA -Clear
Thyroid - Normal
Eyes - Normal, Minor PPM
Hips - Good

CHIC # 133521
D.W. will have further health
tests in 2018
DOB - 10/15/12

Eyes - Minor PPM, CERF'able

Fanconi Carrier
OFA Direct Test

PRA pending
~  Mimi ~
GCH Bantu's Rated M for Mature JC, SC
~  Maestro~
CH Bantu's Illustrated Overture JC, AOM
~  D.W. ~
CH Bantu's Comeback Queen JC, SC
Maestro and Mimi's sweet little faces!
These two coudn't be any more like
their parents. Maestro is a silly boy, and
Mimi is a princess. (Sister D.W. is her
own unique personality.) Watch out
world... the Bantu Babies are coming
Mimi will have further
health testing as needed

DOB - 10/15/12

OFFA CHIC #121030

Eyes - Normal, Minor PPM
Hips - Excellent
Elbows -Normal
Patellas -Normal
Fanconi - Carrier
PRA -Carrier
Thyroid - Normal
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