Shelby first walked in the ring with her six month old
puppy, Pippi, with no formal training at 10 years of
age, and walked out of the ring with First Place in
Sweepstakes in the 6-9 month old class!  The duo
quickly worked their way Novice class.

Shelby trained under AKC Best in Show judge and
former pro handler Chuck Murray to better her
handling skills. Chuck's no nonsense style has
earned him quite the reputation around town as a
tough teacher, but obviously his techniques worked
for Shelby and her dogs as Shelby now holds her
own in the breed ring too!  She finished her very first
show dog (Pippi) in a mere thirteen months of
showing and over the years has shown several
other breeds, won multiple specialty shows with
Petra, and even handled dogs in the ring in at
Westminster, taking BOB with a mini bull terrier in
2011 where she appeared on national television in
the Terrier Group!

Shelby aged out of Junior Showmanship
competition several years ago and now offers
handling services for other peoples dogs, as well
as teaching conformation classes and mentoring
new juniors.

Learning various tips and tricks from more
experienced breeders and pro handlers has helped
Shelby to become the best handler she can be.  
Should you find yourself short a handler on show
day, Shelby would be more than happy to take your
dog in the ring for you.

Some of the breeds Shelby has handled include
Basenjis, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Irish
Wolfhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Portuguese Water
Dogs, Mini Bull Terriers and Italian Greyhounds,
Labrador Retriever, and Border Collie, but she is
always up to the challenge of any breed! Rates are
very reasonable for ringside pickup. Like her
Facebook handling page and message to see what
shows Shelby will be attending.
Shelby's Past Successes
Meet Shelby, Our Handler
Handler honors at the Basenji Club of
America's 2011 National Specialty in
Wisconsin under judge Kalen Dumke.
Bull Terrier at the Westminster KC
show February 2011, taking Best of
Breed honors and appearing on
national television!
Shelby and Petra met the Naked Cowboy
in Times Square on our trip to New York!
Welcome to Bantu Basenjis!