Prim x Maestro Puppies Expected November 2018!
If you are interested in adding a Basenji to your family, please educate yourself
well on the breeds characteristics and basic health issues beforehand by
visiting the links listed on our home page and the
BCOA website.  Serious
breeders usually belong to the national parent club for their breed as well as all-
breed or local clubs. Belonging to a club doesn't always guarantee an honest
breeder, but does help by requiring members to abide by a code of ethics
members are asked to follow.

Talking in person with several breeders and meeting their dogs is a must and a
valuable tool in determining the best fit for you.  Connecting with your breeder is
also essential as they should be someone you trust and enjoy talking with.  A
reputable breeder will become your mentor on the breed, offer advice as needed
and even be willing to take their dog back at any age for any reason whatsoever
should you not be able to keep it.  If someone is willing to take your money, hand
you a Basenji puppy and say "have fun!" without expecting you to stay in contact
over the years, it may be a sign of someone out to make money who doesn't
have your puppies long term best interest at heart.  

Our Basenjis are family raised and cat (dis)approved! Our dogs all love *their*
kitties - but others are meant to be chased!  When we breed a litter we work
closely with our co-breeder(s) in hopes of breeding a healthy, happy, sound
Basenji that should be a cherished family member in any home.

Breeders and owners at local events are usually more than willing to share their
knowledge about the breed, so don't feel shy about asking questions to anyone
you see walking around with a Basenji!  Be prepared to answer several
questions about your lifestyle, home, family, etc. as any reputable breeder will
want to interview you as well to determine if a Basenji is the right dog for you.  At
all costs, resist the urge to purchase a Basenji from a pet store, generic
classified ad or online sites as these are most likely from "backyard breeders"
or "puppy mills" which are very harmful to the health and integrity of the breed.  

Basenjis, much like any other breed, do have health issues that exist.  By dealing
with a reputable breeder you can assure that your future Basenjis pedigree has
addressed any health issues and conducted proper testing (eyes, hips, Fanconi
testing, etc.) throughout the years.  Don't be afraid to ask to see proof of health
testing (most definitely the Fanconi test!) from your breeder.  If test results are
not readily available from the breeder and on the
OFFA website for both parents
and the puppy you are interested in, please look elsewhere for a puppy.  There is
no excuse for any basenji to not be tested!  It would be a disservice to the breed
this day in age to knowingly breed Basenjis that are Affected with Fanconi when
simple DNA swab tests are readily available for a minimal cost and can be
performed on puppies.

As of September 2011, we were pleased to learn that Dr. Gary Johnson identified
the mutation responsible for recessive basenji Fanconi Syndrome. To be able to
differentiate the new Direct test results from the previous Linked Marker test
results, the new direct test will have results as Clear, Carrier or Affected.  The
term “probably” no longer appears on the OFA certificate and there is no longer
an Indeterminate category. Anyone breeding should have both parents tested
using the new Direct test as the Linked Marker test was not error proof. If you
are looking for a basenji puppy, please ask your breeder for the OFA Direct test
results of both sire and dam. In 2014 the OFA added a DNA test for one strain of
PRA (Night Blindness) in Basenjis. This test is also recommended for all
breeders. When looking for a puppy, please verify that all appropriate health test
have been conducted on the sire and dam before buying a puppy from any
source. There is also a DNA test now for one strain of PRA (Night Blindness) that
has been found in Basenjis. Again, do your homework and verify your future
family member comes from health tested parents!
Mama Pippi
Baby Petra napping with her
mama. Petra was an "only child"!
Educate Yourself Before
Buying a Basenji Puppy!
"Petra" ~ Our little rock star!
Photo courtesy of George Woodard
VIsit the Basenji Club of America
website for great information on
selecting a breeder and learning
all about the breed!

VIsit the Facebook page
Puppies: Get Educated Before
You Buy

Maybe a puppy isn't for you?
Consider a rescue dog!
Rescue and Transport has
wonderful companions looking
for forever homes! Many breeders
also have retired show dogs
looking for their furever retirement
Welcome to Bantu Basenjis!
We are excited to see what this nice pairing will produce! Reds, Brindles and
Tris are all a possibility. Puppies from this litter should have beautiful heads,
nice dark pigment, gorgeous feet and high tail sets. Grandma Petra is doubled
up in this breeding, and we certainly hope to capture her attributes in these
pups! Check back for updates as things progress...