A few moments in time forever captured...
Regal Pippi basking in the sunshine.
Twist and Chris napping.
Showing at "The Garden" was our big highlight in 2006 & again in 2011
Photo Memories
Family Portait - Pippi, TK and Petra.
TK's tongue!
Shelby with "Grandpa Timmy".
Pippi, our foundation bitch.
T.K. spots the lure.
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Petra watches her first lure trial at 3 months old.
TK enjoying the Pacific Ocean waves at Coos Bay.
TK and Twist napping.
Young Shelby walking Pippi & TK
Shelby handled "Grandpa Timmy"
in Veteran Sweeps at the WVBC
Specialty July 2007.  
What a Face! Pippi at 8 weeks old.
Twist and siblings at 6 weeks old
Petra gaiting her way to Best of Breed honors at  the Willamette Valley
Basenji Club Specialty July 22, 2011 under judge Virginia Lyne
making this back to back WVBC specialty wins for Petra!
Photo courtesy of George Woodard
Photo courtesy of George Woodard
Puppies at sunset, as captured by G.W.
TK & daughter Twist
catching some rays
Welcome to Bantu Basenjis!